Using both ownCloud and Adafruit’s WebIDE on the Raspberry Pi

Long story short, I installed both of the aforementioned programs on my Raspberry Pi but, in doing so, I was able to navigate to only ownCloud. After doing some digging around the internets, I found the solution.

As  smithg400 on Raspberry Pi’s forums pointed-out, both WebIDE and ownCloud listen for connections on port 80 of their local networks, and that the solution is to change one of them; in this case, the default port for WebIDE.

To do that, open a Terminal window and navigate to the config directory of the WebIDE installation folder by typing

cd /usr/share/adafruit/webide/config

Then type

sudo nano config.js

You’ll find that the file looks something like this:

change port

You want to change the port number to something else. In this case, I changed it from “80” to “8080”, like this:

changed port

Now press


to exit, then type 


to accept the changes. Now open a browser and log-in like you normally would to WebIDE. Just type in your RPi’s address followed by the port, like this:  192.168.xx.xx:8080

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